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Consultant. Trendsetter.  Influencer.

Snoop Dogg

Mark Wahlberg

Feeling the pulse of the Community

Andrew Cuomo

Nerlens Noel of the 

New York Knicks

Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music for YouTube

Brooklyn Borough President, 

Eric Adams

Actor and Rapper, Ice T

Feeding the food insecure during the pandemic

Jamie Foxx

Gayle King

Legendary Harlem Couturier Dapper Dan

New York City Mayor 

Bill de Blasio

Actress and Activist 

Cynthia Nixon

New York Attorney General 

Tish James

Fat Joe

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Artistfree17

New Jersey Governor 

Phil Murphy

Rep. Karen Bass Ricardo Shark Artistfree17

Ricardo Shark and 

Rep. Karen Bass

Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman Artistfree17

Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman

Dr. Beth Mount TedTalk Artist Artistfree17

Dr. Beth Mount, Ted Talk, Famed Artist and Art Collector

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