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Davey Shark, better known as Artistfree17, spent his time growing up in pre-gentrified Harlem, New York.  As a young man, watching his limited world around him, he vowed to facilitate change.  How could he do that?  Artistfree17 has used his gifts and talent to become someone who is sought out to bring about positivity and change with whoever looks for guidance.  He believes in teaching through art, giving the student the tools to not only create art, but to utilize their own problem solving skills to achieve a positive outcome.  He truly is a Harlem trendsetter, a fashion icon and an influencer, but utilizes this as a betterment for the community.

For more, please view the "About" section of this site.

"Even tragedy becomes Art.  It's all in how you look at it.  Art is happiness, but art is also sad events told truthfully."

- Davey Shark a/k/a Artistfree17

Encouraging Potential

Artistfree17 facilitating an Art Class for autistic students at The Oberia Dempsey Center in Central Harlem, New York.​

Artistfree17 teaching the technique

On a beautiful summer day in New York, Artistfree17 is seen discussing the techniques used in his commissioned piece of Lauryn Hill.

Delivering the Finished Product

Artistfree17 delivering the finished commissioned piece to his excited clients.

What our customers are saying

I am so pleased with my artwork.  I wanted to surprise my wife with a unique gift and Artistfree17 did not disappoint.  The detail that went into the portrait made it so lifelike.  We love it!

V. Hunter- Pennsylvania

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